What to do before laser hair removal

After my friend did it I got brave enough to do the same, so I did an appointment to the dermatologist for a IPL treatment. To be more precise, I want to permanently remove my moustache and I understood that IPL technology¬† will do the work. My friend got really good results with this technology and as I understood, if I am not wrong, it works really good even on a sensitive skin, which I have. I have atopic dermatitis but not a sever one, which I keep it under control with local creams. My doctor said it won’ t be a problem to do it so why wait? I can not wait to get rid of the hair on my face.
So I called and my first session will be in one week. But before you decide try long lasting epilation you should know you need to prepare your skin for intense light pulsing treatment.
My doctor recommended me to not use waxing for more than one month, preferably 2 months to be sure. Also with a week or so before IPL you have to only shave your hair.
So no WAXING, only shave.
Another important thing for you to do is to not get tanned, so preferably you should do home laser hair removal in a cold season and not in the summer. Why is that? Well you can get burned, and really badly. My friend forgot ro mention she stayed at the sun before permanent hair removal and she got a serious redness on her legs. So no tan!
I guess that’s the most important things you should keep in mind before use this technology on your skin, cuz’ better be safe than sorry.

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